Silicone Cups

natural grip silicone baby cup tiny toddler training cup
Natural Grip™ = Perfect Training Cup

We designed our natural grip™ cup to be the perfect training cup for babies and toddlers learning to drink from an open glass. Whether moving from a bottle or a sippy cup, this cup is designed to make the transition as seamless as possible. from accidentally tipping over the cup.

100% Pure Platinum Silicone with No Fillers
Like all otterlove products, this cup is made with 100% Platinum Pure™ LFGB Silicone – the purest silicone – with no plastic or fillers.

The unique curvature along our cup’s sides allows for a natural fit for a child’s hands on the outside while also creating a ridge inside the cup that provides resistance to slow down the flow of the liquid.

4oz capcity ♥ Dishwasher Safe ♥ Microwave Safe ♥ Oven Safe