Cheaper silicone products often use plastic fillers in order to cut costs. The Pinch Test involves pinching and twisting the silicone to test for fillers. If the silicone turns white, it’s got fillers. Pure silicone will not turn white and will retain its color.  All Platinum Pure and otterlove products are made from 100% pure food-grade platinum silicone that meets both FDA (US) and European (LFGB) safety standards.

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Some brands that fail The Pinch Test, say that the test is “not scientific”. This is not true- be wary of any brand who says this- sadly, they are trying to sow doubt in consumers’ minds in order to increase their profit through using cheap silicone with fillers.  The science behind the Pinch Test is simple, as noted in this Scientific American article. Because of its structure, pure silicone absorbs light and appears transparent. Fillers added to silicone do not have the same band structure as silicone, so they cannot absorb light as pure silicone does. These impurities scatter light and this is the white you see when you do the Pinch Test on silicone that contains fillers.

Here are some additional supporting quotes from leading Silicone Manufacturers:

If we use a pure platinum-curing silicone rubber from one of the big manufacturers listed above, it will NOT turn white when stretched (regardless if it is injection molded or compression molded). In our opinion, a clear silicone will turn white only if a precipitated filler is added to it. If the silicone turns white when it is stretched, I would be wary of using this product…only because you know something was added to it.” – Specialty Silicone Inc. interview  (available at: https://redherringtv.wordpress.com/silicone-inquiry-with-sspinc/

I have never experienced any silicone that has changed color when pinched, pulled, twisted or stressed in any way.  Again, this is something that occurs with natural rubbers like TPE.” – Wacker Chemical Corporation interview  (available at: https://redherringtv.wordpress.com/silicone-inquiry-with-wacker-chemical-corp/)

Fillers are less expensive than Medical silicone.  HCR (High Consistency Rubber) is frequently loaded with filler that does turn white when pulled.” – Casco Bay Molding (available at: https://redherringtv.wordpress.com/silicone-inquiry-with-casco-bay-molding/)

LFGB is the German standard for testing silicone products that come in contact with food and is the standard for most European countries. The LFGB certification tests are more intensive, comprehensive, and strict compared to the FDA testing and therefore LFGB silicone is much more expensive than FDA. All otterlove products are made using LFGB silicone.

Yes, they are safe. All otterlove and Platinum Pure silicone products meet European (LFGB) and FDA specifications for materials that are in contact with food. Most importantly, our silicone products are made using a Platinum curing process. This type of curing process produces no chemical byproducts (unlike other silicone curing processes) and gives the silicone special technical properties, such as increased durability. The raw silicone and curing processes for producing Platinum Pure silicone is much more expensive than other silicones, but we feel that it’s a small price to pay for obtaining the highest product purity and quality.

Platinum silicone products will not leave residues or alter the taste of foods.

Yes, all otterlove products are BPA free.

BPA (Bisphenol A) is an estrogen-mimicking chemical found in certain types of plastic. Exposure to BPA has been shown to disrupt a cell’s normal functioning, which could potentially lead to metabolic disorders such as diabetes and obesity, asthma, birth defects or even cancer. Silicone does not contain BPA. Since all otterlove products are made with 100% silicone containing no fillers, our products are absolutely BPA free.

All otterlove products are also BPS free. Bisphenol S (BPS) has been used as a replacement for BPA and has also been linked to some of the same health risks as BPA.

Yes, all otterlove products are plastic free! No plastics are used in our products. Our silicone is 100%  pure with no fillers, unlike cheaper competitors who use plastic fillers. Try the Pinch Test to ensure that your silicone doesn’t contain cheap fillers.

All otterlove silicone products are independently tested using a CPSC accredited lab in Providence RI. We test every color of our silicone products (some brands just test one) including all colors of silicone ink. We constantly test our children’s/baby products as we add new colors and get new batches for the following:

  • California Prop. 65 – Lead and Cadmium
  • CPSIA Section 101 – U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act 2008 Title I, Section 101 for Total Lead content in Non-surface coating materials (substrate)
  • CPSIA Section 108, – Phthalate Content, Mouthable (DBP, BBP, DEHP, DnOP, DINP, DIDP)

Our products are made in China with our manufacturing partner of over 5 years. They are made using silicone produced by USA Dow Corning to our exacting specifications. All products are tested for safety and purity in the USA by an independent CPSC accredited lab.

Bamboo and straw dinnerware claim to be “Natural” and “Eco-Friendly”, but they really aren’t.  We’re sorry to be the ones to have to break it to you.

First, Bamboo. Upon first glance, bamboo dinnerware looks like it is carved from bamboo wood. But it’s not. Bamboo is actually a grass. In order to make bamboo products manufacturers start with ground-up bamboo fibers/powders.  a binder is then added in order to make the bamboo moldable into a plate, cup, or other tableware.  Manufacturers most often use a plastic melamine-formaldehyde resin (i.e., melamine). Melamine (short for Melamine formaldehyde) is a chemical compound that is toxic to the kidneys and can negatively impact brain development and reproductive functions. While some countries have banned the use of melamine, most have not. Worse, when heated, formaldehyde leaches from bamboo tableware. Bamboo products that are not marked as “microwave safe” are very likely loaded with melamine.

Similar to bamboo, wheat straw needs a binder in order to transform it from fibers to a molded object (like a plate). Typically, this binder is plastic. Manufacturers will often list it as “PP binder” or “food-safe PP material”. PP is short for polypropylene (plastic). So when you are eating off of one of these plates you are basically eating off of a plastic plate. Moreover, the addition of plastic as a binder makes the product not biodegradable (as many manufacturers state). Truly biodegradable products aren’t dishwasher safe and will dissolve/degrade when washed.

Sources & Further Reading:


Minerals that are naturally present in water may condense on the surface of silicone and appear as light chalky spots. Water spots may also form when washing in the dishwasher. These can be removed simply with a vinegar and water wash or by rubbing a lemon wedge on the silicone.

Yes, all otterlove products are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.  Products made out of Platinum Pure™ silicone can be safely used in both low and high-temperature environments with no change in their properties. Platinum Pure™ silicone can withstand heat of up to 450F (230C) and has excellent resistance to low temperatures (up to -40F/-40C).

As scientists who have survived the rigorous peer-reviewed journal publication process, we recognize the importance of citing our sources and we’re happy to share ours. Here are a few scientific documents on the advantages of platinum curing versus more common curing processes.

Dow Corning: Silicone Rubber Chemistry And Properties



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